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Curacao, NA (TNCC)

Location: 12.20N 68.97W

Tropical systems passing within 60nm (= 69mi.) of the island. Used latitude/longitude coordinates (12.20N, 68.97W) might not be the center of the island. Often the location of the island weather station was used, which is normally at the airport.
Please note that not only hurricanes (h1-h5) are included but also tropical storms (ts). Wind/category reported is maximum measured while the system moved through region (box). Each category storm has its own color (see color bar below; ts=tropical storm; h1=category 1 hurricane; etc., see the guide for definitions). Different projections can be selected, the island projections are most zoomed in (select if you want to see how close the systems passed by the island [not available for regions]), while the world projection most zoomed out (select when you want to see the complete path of the storm). Winds are in miles per hour. It is also calculated how close the center of the storm came to the island, the so-called closest point of approach (cpoa, in miles).

Below you can see all stormtracks since 1851 for Curacao (for more details about individual storms skip to another page where storms are separated per decade). In the climatology section there is also a weekly analysis of the data which shows when the real peak of hurricane season is for Curacao and a five-year analysis to find out if more storms have passed close by Curacao recently.

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[ts=tropical storm; h1=category 1 hurricane; etc.]

1851 - 2019
    date     wind  cat. cpoa  name
23 Sep 1877   104   h2   28   UNNAMED
18 Aug 1886    98   h2   26   UNNAMED
 9 Dec 1887    58   ts   46   UNNAMED
 8 Oct 1892    98   h2   20   UNNAMED
 5 Sep 1911    46   ts   55   UNNAMED
29 Jun 1933    86   h1   45   UNNAMED
21 Jul 1961    86   h1   63   ANNA
 7 Sep 1971    40   ts   33   EDITH
14 Sep 1978    40   ts   51   GRETA
16 Oct 1988    58   ts   15   JOAN
25 Jul 1996    46   ts    1   CESAR
 2 Sep 2007   104   h2   49   FELIX

Curacao, NA: all dec peak 5yr rank

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