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Following is the discussion and local reports from the Islands regarding the strong tropical wave in the eastern Caribbean. Other information can be found on the Caribbean Hurricane Home Page.

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August 25 8:25EDT - Don't count me out...
The tropical wave we have been reporting about over the last couple of days is still causing locally heavy showers and strong gusty winds in squalls in the vicinity of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. It also still has the potential to develop in TD#5.

[Tue, 25 Aug 1998 07:40EDT] - John Fuller reporting from Antigua:

     at about 9pm last night wind went from 0 to a steady s.e.25mph with gusts i
     recorded at 42 mph.that lasted till about 1am and since has settled to 15
     to 22mph.no more rain.still overcast but not heavy.

[Mon, 24 Aug 1998 22:08EDT] - Fred Capello reporting from Curaçao:

     The strong tropical wave brought mainly light to moderate rain to Sint
     Maarten on Monday with some heavier showers in between. One shower at
     about 11:43 A.M. was accompanied by a gust of 43 knots from the east
     southeast. More gusts over 30 knots were registered at the Queen
     Juliana Airport during the late morning and early afternoon. Light
     rain fell during much of the afternoon and evening on that
     northeastern Caribbean island. The 24-hour total rainfall from Sunday
     to Monday evening was a healthy 20 millimeters.

     On the other hand, the southern Caribbean remained generally dry but
     mostly cloudy. Dense cirrus moved in from the east during the early
     afternoon and obscured the sun for most of the rest of the day. These
     clouds were also associated with this same tropical wave. The winds
     remained generally from the east but were lighter than the day before.
     There still continues to exist a chance of at least a few isolated
     showers on Tuesday. If we are lucky, we might get some significant
     rain but I wouldn't count on it....

[Mon, 24 Aug 1998 20:22EDT] - Rafael Buxeda Díaz reporting from Puerto Rico regarding the tropical wave currently in the Caribbean Sea, which passed the Windward Islands earlier and which could still develop into a tropical depression in the next two days:

     A strong tropical wave is effecting Puerto Rico. A small stream and urban
     flooding advisory; and a wind advisory, coastal flood watch and heavy surf
     advisory for the southern and eastern coasts is in effect until 6:00 a.m.
     (PRT)/10:00 GMT August 24.

     Brief, sustained winds of 40-45 mph are forecast.

     Rainfall may reach 6-7 inches before sunup.

     If the previous were not enough, gale warnings have also been issued for
     coastal waters, except the western coast.

     At 6:00 PM (PRT)/22:00 GMT Roosevelt Roads Naval Station, the nearest weather
     reporting facility to the offshore islands of Vieques and Culebra was reporting
     24 mph winds, gusting to 29 mph, although rainfall was .23" during the
     preceding 3 hours.

     The Ponce Airport, on Puerto Rico's southern coast, reported 28 mph winds,
     gusting to 34 mph at 6:00 p.m. (PRT) 22:00 GMT.

     NONE of the previous has any direct relation to Danielle. We might not feel
     anything related to Danielle until Friday, if at all.

[Mon, 24 Aug 1998 18:45EDT] - David McDermott reporting from St.Thomas:

     Currently, the strong tropical wave passing St. Thomas and Puerto Rico
     right now is not really affecting us. It dumped heavy rain for about 3
     hours earlier but it is quiet now. On the other hand, Puerto Rico is
     getting pounded! We do have flash flood watches up until 6 am Tuesday and
     the cruise ship Sensation cancelled it's visit Tuesday as well.

     The real story in this area of the Atlantic is T.S. Danielle. From
     observing the forecast track positions, 72 hour shear forecast, and
     steering current projections, I feel we might not get lucky with Danielle.
     Strong winds from the building anticyclone should push "Hurricane Danielle"
     by that time right into these northern islands. Yikes!

     Since it was just upgraded, there has been virtually no reaction from the
     people. I'm sure tomorrow there will be. I will be going to get tapcons for
     the plywood, batteries, and bottled water just in case. After having
     experienced first hand Hurricane Marilyn's rapid intensification and
     devastation, preparations are a foregone conclusion.

[Mon, 24 Aug 1998 18:32EDT] - John Fuller reporting from Antigua:

     heavy rain all day more or less - winds from the south until about an hour
     ago when all winds died.  Overcast heavily all day - we got about 4 inches
     of rain during the day.  Still overcast but mostly high clouds - we got
     more than we expected.  Flat calm now, very humid and all eyes to the east.

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