Pictures of Ivan Aftermath Jamaica by "Rebecca Stauter" <rstauter AT>

Sat, 11 Sep 2004

Attached are some pictures of Hurricane Ivan . during the storm and after the storm. Like I said, lots of downed trees but you can see from these pictures that the homes are still in very good condition.

Notice the satellite dish is sitting in the top of a tree. It blew off the roof of the house behind the dish in the picture. As you can see . we were very lucky in Kingston. On the drive to New Kingston, the damage seen was the same as shown in these pictures. Some street signs and billboards were blown down and lots of trees and tree debris . but buildings were still in very good shape. Thanks again for everyone.s prayers and thoughts. My prayers are with the people of Cayman and the states. Maybe the same miracle that saved Jamaica will save Cayman from this now category 5 storm as well. My heart still goes out to Grenada . that island is truly devastated. All Jamaicans should realize how lucky we were by simply checking out the destruction and damage our sister island suffered.