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- The magnitude of the disaster...
  • From: "Guillermo S." <gaquiles20 AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 19:39:19 -0400
Here is a satellite image of our current forestall fires, you can see the extension of the fires in Cordillera Central and in the southwest region.
This image was curtesy of NASA and Ing. Manuel González, this was published on local newspaper El Nacional front page.

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- Drought
  • From: "Guillermo S." <gaquiles20 AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 11:20:14 -0400
In major part of the country we haven't got a single drop of rain since several months, there are places where comonly rains a lot that hasn't received rain since november. On the capital city, there is a exaustive sensation of hotness since mid february, and lately these days feels above 30 degrees C.

We are having problems with forestal fires, part of the Coordillera Central, the main mountain chain and biggest in caribbean with the tallest peak (Pico Duarte) and Parque Nacional Los Haitises (national park) are having fires, local authorities do not have the apropiate equipment so goverment asked for help to USA, they agreed and they will supply us with water tank aircrafts at any moment (cdn.com.do).

Local authorities also said that for the moment, our damps are at normal levels "this drought is normal in 'cuaresma'' time, we just need to take special precautions, not to over-expose ourself to sun's rays".

UV index is very high, at this time (Semana Santa), dominicans use to go to the beaches and other provinces, sadly but true, is where more car accidents and drown cases occur un our highways and beaches.
Las Americas intl. Airport is registering a lot of people coming in and out, that stands for dominicans going out and in, and tourist coming in for "their easter vacations".The drought will last untill mid or end of april.

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- Updates on Punta Cana hotels
  • From: Dolores Vicioso <dolores AT dr1.com>
  • Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2004 13:24:24 -0400
For updates on the status of Punta Cana hotels and other hotels in the 
DR, see

This page shows that hotels are quickly springing back, even in the 
most affected areas. Note that both Secrets Excelence and Sirenis 
hotels in the Uvero Alto area are back in operation.

While the above page gives a compilation of the status of the hotels, 
dr1 forum posters continuously share news, so you may also check back 
with the Weather & Beyond Forum at 

Dolores Vicioso

- Quick situation update
  • From: "Guillermo S." <gaquiles20 AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 01 Oct 2004 11:02:54 -0400
Hi, just that I have received a LOT of e-mail of ppl requesting information about the hotels in Punta Cana, Puerto Plata and overall, well...
I've been very busy with the university I totally unplugged with this site, I just sat down and set priorities, now I came back for a little time to post what I know.
I wish I could answer every single question asked in every single e-mail i get, maybe not all the emails could reach my inbox as my junk email folder was collapsed, what I know about the hotels is that it is not as bad as I earlier posted, so breath easy that way, which hotels work normal? I don't know exactly, If I were traveling to USA, example, Florida, knowing that got hit by 4 hurricanes, I rather use my poor English and phone the hotel where I am going to ensure myself everything is ok, money hurts, and I won't take any chance to travel and find out that the hotel where I was heading is simply not there, gone with the wind, or inoperable.
Local media sometimes here, just do not give you enough information, I haven't heard from the hotels anymore since that last post I made, also I am not looking forward right now for info. I wish I could be for more help, but simple, I can't, I may simple take the yellow book and call every single hotel in the area, but besides 1 and 0 is blocked in my phone account, there are too many hotels, too many ppl requesting for many different hotels, and so little time to do it.
-If you plan to come by October, I suggest you to call your destination hotel, if you ask me for the numbers, I can post them here for you.
-East (punta cana and bavaro) wasn't that badly hurt, most of the area is in perfect conditions and in beautiful state.
-If you plan to come by November, I'm sure that all hotels will be operable, ALL of them.
I know this end of year will not be good for Tourist industry in Dominican Republic, in fact, it is decaying since August, this year season will be unforgettable for most of us, specially for Florida folks, Granada, Bahamas, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and us. We all got somehow affected by tropical system and we all share the same emotions, simply this stuff happens, is mother nature, thank God right now the tropics are quiet.
See you soon.
PD: If i earn 1 dollar for each email I get, I rather be richier than Bill Gates.  -.-U

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- Safari of the devil to Laguna Limon - Jeanne's creation
  • From: Dunhill Systems <info AT dunhill.ws>
  • Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2004 17:30:23 -0300
An emergency call from the east, and the "security" thta the bridges are accessable, gave us the guts to go to Laguna Limon.

Pick-up loaded with everything possible to repair 4 (!) satellite systems, and then up from Juan Dolio to the East

Small Material list:
2 BIG drills, wrenches, polyester+harder+thinner, 2 bases and topmounts, 3 complete sets arms, 1 rol with 100meter antennacable, 50meter extension cord and evrything else.
The pick-up was heavy loade, and keep this list in mind, during the following story.

There we go:
The messages that between Hato-Mayor and El Seybo, that the roads should be good, were not the same and for this reason we took our second option. San Pedro - Romana Guayamate- El Seibo.

The damages near Guayamate are severe, more due to the amazing amount of flooding water, and NO electricity till El Seibo

After the crossing, up in the direction of Higuey

There would be some emergency bridge only for persons and small cars, but some &(&(&(*&^ destroyed it trying to cross with a big truck

Plan B: El Seibo -> mountains -> Miches

Oh Oh a broken bridge, in an angle of almost 90 degrees, but we could mage it

Yup, we are in the mountains, and here is the first landslide, you cannot see the other side, we neither, it goes straight dowm 100 meters

And still nature can be beautiful

WATCH OUT !!! rocks on the loose

Go^%&^ Go^*^*& fu(%, it start to rain slowly

Busy (re)building his house
Damage to wires and houses is enormous in this area

We do games with the high-voltage wires, jump jump
Sometimes we first had to remove the poles before we could pass

And than it stopped raining slowely

Now water is pouring down

Finally, the coast around Miches

After Miches, the road is "normal", we had a perfect view at the landscape, and our view was not blocked by trees anymore, like it was a month ago
Same situations as in the north, drying laundry, tables, beds, furniture, along the road, lots of wooden houses disappeared with and without a trace, and the road is a spaghetti of cables, wires, mixed with trees and poles.
A few miles and 2 bridges before Laguna Limon, just refresh your memory with the materials we had in the car.

Bridge gone, and the heavy morning rain, took the temp. bridge to some other place.
100 meter by foot, and that several times, through the heavy mud and stash everything in a small boat.

He can do it, ok, we can do it.

Gee, are those people so small or aare those stranded trees so big?

No time to waste, our truck is ready

That was a short trip, the second bridge is also gone, but some genius build here something useful

And we had to cross this "thing" ...............

Find the bridge or road

You have to pay 10 pesos to cross, motors they carry for 40 pesos, but the last part you have to walk trough the river, just about 1 meter deep, and carry all those materials, remember, so we had to cross several times.

Smart people, doing their laundry in this sandy water, no electricity for a machine, and in the river you don't need to carry your water home.

A last view on what was once a bridge

And now we had to take a 20 minute ride, my kidneys were behind my ears, and i could not find my head
But we finally made it and could do our job.

With a nice result, they are back where they belonged.

He was not so happy

Because we had to go back the same road, with the same heavy machines and tools (just a bit overweighted)

A last view, it can be (and normally is) so beautiful here

And this poor guy got stuck, trying to create a better passage

The way back, was the same, but now in the dark, a new experience, but absolutely  dangerous.

We came finally safe back in Juan Dolio, tired, very tired.

Arjan van Kasteel
DunHill Systems
The Satellite Specialists 
for Internet and TV Systems
Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic
Phone (809) 437-8005

- bridges
  • From: Dunhill Systems <info AT dunhill.ws>
  • Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2004 11:00:27 -0300
Bridges between Miches and Liguna Limon are accessable again
The safari tours will start again today or tomorrow from Puerto Plata 
and Juan Dolio


DunHill Systems
The Satellite Specialists 
for Internet and TV Systems
Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic
Phone (809) 437-8005

- Tourist complex info...(east region)
  • From: "Guillermo S." <gaquiles20 AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2004 08:42:03 -0400
Good morning...
Many hotels in Punta Cana and Bávaro area had to close in order to repair damages in their installations.
From Barceló-Bávaro Complex, only Bávaro Palace remains open. Same as Princess Punta Cana, the rest of Princess complex will be close for a month.
'Club Med', 'Breezes Punta Cana' and 'Punta Cana Resort and Club' will not open their doors until November 1st. Also Natural Park Resort and Sunscape Bávaro Grand will make reparations, both for about a month too.
The all five Riu complex will remain close for flooding issue. 'Secrets Excellence' and 'Sirenis' from Uvero Alto, will remain close for 45 days for reparations in their installations.
In general, from 19,000 rooms in the area (Bávaro and Punta Cana), about 7,000 suffered from Jeanne, reducing to 65% the hotel capacity. (this means that 35% is not available), It is important to target that, those 65%, are in perfect conditions to receive tourists, so don't be scared off  ('',).
Many tourists from Bávaro were evacuated to installations located in Bayahibe, Juan Dolio, Boca Chica and Santo Domingo.
Water service is being reestablished quickly. death told has been risen to 11.
PD: I'll be glad to read all incoming e-mails, but I don't have enough time to reply them all, sometimes, some 'looked for' answers are posted here, I know this post will fulfill a lot of questions, thank you all for your support and patience.

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- finally translated in english
  • From: Dunhill Systems <info AT dunhill.ws>
  • Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2004 22:26:58 -0300
Travelling through the nort of the DR on Sept.19.2004

Yesterday we were already prepaired for our journey
The purpose was to repair 3 internet-satellite systems in Puerto Plata - 
Cabarete and Samana

At 04:00 our pick-up was filled with every materials we could imagine 
and 2 spare tyres and 5 gallons of gasoline (you never know)

It started to rain slowly and above Santo Domingo we had a magnificent 
view of the lightnings and we could hear the thunders
In SD with luck we could see the street through the rain and at some 
places the water reached our doors, after the tolgate the weather became 
better, exept the back of our pickup, it was like we had our own private 
swimmingpool there.
We cleaned all our materials and continued our journey.

On the road to Puerto Plata we did not see damage

In Puerto Plata at the RIU property we saw the first real damages, trees 
big and small were scattered all around, and with combined forces they 
we working to get rid of this and fix the damages.

After our repairs, the system went internet was back on-line and the 
internetcafe was filled in no-time with people who wanted to email 
home/family, all the others were having a nice holiday.

Continue to Cabarete:

Sosua had some damages, trees combined with electric wires and the 
necessary poles were lying around, Broken/fallen (rusty) billboards and 
a trafficlight that was upsidedownleftright turned
We dis not see any real damage to houses , some (old) sinc roofs were 
At our work there we had a conversation with some of the die-hard resort 
inhabitants and they told us that this was the first storm in 20 years 
they had and measured a force 0f 165 km/h (100m/h), so they were visited 
by a cat.2 hurricane
Lots of damages at trees, garden sheds lying on their back , but 
everybody was in a good mood and was cleaning/fix, in the burning sun

Quickly to Samana:
Still one job to do, what a show, most roads are free, sometimes you had 
to avoid some debris but that was all
(and the normal amount of holes in the road)

At 5 kilometer before Nagua the misery start showing, and real good.
The sea went into the land, and mixed with the rainwater , big areas 
were changed to lakes.
At some spots you see a nice head of a palmtree filled with coconuts 
just showing up above the waterlevel, so use your imagination how deep 
it is there

We made a stop at a small Italian restaurant (wir sprichen auch deuts - 
ok fine) , Perfect meal we had in the middle of the shit, coocked on 
coal and wood (no gas!), the restaurant was saved from the water only it 
looked like the beach was hungry and jump completely to the other side 
of the street.
Now people were busy to put the beach back were it belangs , some 
sandwalls were 2 meters high.

Around Nagua it is really shit (sorry for the word), Damages to houses, 
some foldeed together like cardboard houses, inside sunroofs were a 
common thing, lots of places with , not wanted lakes, and the rivers and 
canals that are normally dry (so nice to build your house there) are 
spitting gallons of water,  mixed with trees, debris and other materials.

A group of locals took the duty to clean the volleybalfield from a thick 
pack of sand and when we came back they had finished the job and were 

Till Samana everywhere the same view, some places worse , some places 
better, and even some places were not touched at all

In Samana we just missed the rmoving of one of the boats from the street 
near the harbor
e saw landslides and lots of damages, one boat sunk and is still under 
It just passes my mind that if there is already so much damage in the 
areas build with cement and concrete, what will be the dameges in the 
pourer areas with a majority of wooden houses

Almost the whole north part is without electricity and water on some 
places there is some cellphone service, they are working hard to solve 
those problems , specially in the tourist areas, but i am afraid that in 
the villages they have to wait for a very long time or do it self.

The most colorfull along our way was the amazing amount of laundry, 
meubilair, beds and whateverthinkable drying in the sun along the 
mainroad, everybody was busy to get their belonging dry asap.
 > Don't forget this, laundry - by hand - no electricity
 > water - some deep well or a clean river, sometimes half a mile away 
those tubes are history as well, and walking is the drill, with 
everything that can carry water <

We did a quick job there, the internet worked again and up we go to 
Cotui, the shortest way home
In the open fields sometimes you got the idea that sombode used a BIG 
icescraper to wipe out whole parts of the countryside absolutely nothing 
is standing up than even concrete and stee electricitypoles are lying on 
the ground and than the night came, darkness allover, but after Cotui 
most villages had lights but that was not enough to notice any damages

In common:
Many of the local disco's with a planta had their speakers parked on the 
street and as a good Dominican during the cleaning, working they make a 
little dance

Ourquestions in many of the SMALL villages if they noticed/see already 
something like aid of govermentpeople hat start laughing loud, the trust 
in any government aid is zero, the only visitors are some reporters and 
a lot of OH AH people, who want to see the misery they expect to be 
without water and electricity for months, just because they are not 
important to be frontpagenews with a nice picture.
Cold drinks, NOWAY, same for food and other stuff that need to be cold, 
but a cold beer in one of the local disco is real a good PRESIDENTE (i 
think the only one they will see in months)

at about 22:30 we were back home in Juan Dolio, completely broken.

Something i forgot.
Piles/Mountains of coconuts you see along the roads, taken away from the 
fallen trees.
I was just thinking how/where/when the people who lived in those area's 
could find shelter.
(there are NONE in those areas, even houses build from concrete/cement 
are rare in those areas)
I saw a few houses attacked by cat.2 flying coconuts and it looked like 
they were shot by a big cannon.
Just think, there is a hurricane and you are there, trying to find a 
safe place, coconuts flying around your head as cannonballs, mixed with 
branches and complete palmtrees.

i think, i would shit my pants.

Arjan van Kasteel


DunHill Systems
The Satellite Specialists 
for Internet and TV Systems
Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic
Phone (809) 437-8005

- Playa Juan Dolio - 19 Sept. 2004
  • From: Dunhill Systems <info AT dunhill.ws>
  • Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2004 19:51:06 -0300


DunHill Systems
The Satellite Specialists 
for Internet and TV Systems
Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic
Phone (809) 437-8005

- first some pictures, text folllows
  • From: Dunhill Systems <info AT dunhill.ws>
  • Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2004 14:12:50 -0300
Thanks to http://www.dominicaanse-republiek.com/ for hosting the pictures.

I took them between Sosua and Samana
Don't laugh at the laundry you see, it was the first sunny day after all 
the tragedy, and everything is soacking wet and needed to becleaned, 
except from the laundry you see furniture, beds etc drying among the road

en ga niet lachen bij de was die buitenhangt, het was de eerste zonnige 
dag na de tragedie en alles was/is zeiknat en moest gewassen en gedroogd 
worden, zo dus buiten het was goed zagen we ook bedden en meubilair te 












DunHill Systems
The Satellite Specialists 
for Internet and TV Systems
Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic
Phone (809) 437-8005

- (no subject)
  • From: Dunhill Systems <info AT dunhill.ws>
  • Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2004 23:15:42 -0300
We left this morning (sun,19) around 04:20 from Juan Dolio because we 
had work to do in  Puerto Plata , Cabarete and Samana
At this time it started raining here and we saw big flashes above Santo 
This rain was when we arrived in SD so thick dat we could hardly see the 
A lot of streets were like rivers and on some places the water reached 
the door of our pickup

tomorrow i will write our experiences during this day, it's now 23:00 
and we are just back from the trip and i need to go to sleep


DunHill Systems
The Satellite Specialists 
for Internet and TV Systems
Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic
Phone (809) 437-8005

- Jeanne's scorpion tail attacked...
  • From: "Guillermo S." <gaquiles20 AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2004 09:53:52 -0400
good morning...
I remember Dave saying about Jeanne and her scorpion's tail... well, it seems we got kinda that effect here too, I remember i woke up at 5:26am this morning because of a heavy downpour, loudly thunders, and yes, strong wind gusts, it was weird, luckily I decided to sleep with all my windows close in order to turn on the AC. Wind gusts charged with the rain just kept pushing against my windows and the rest of the apartment, i tried to look outside by opening it a little, and felt the wind, it was very hard, the visibility was amazingly too low, we didn't feel that kind of effect here in Santo Domingo while Jeanne was in dominican territory, Jeanne's scorpion tail attacked.
Right now, is cloudy, fresh and very wet, not raining, all stopped like at 6am, it was such a quick bash.
Friction factor did in fact has something to do about the weird shape of the storm, Jeanne looks kind of scary, like something round shape with a big and long tail, now you can see what dominican's high peaks can do to that kind of storm, a dose of 2500~3100 meters high peaks punished Jeanne.
Stay tuned...

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- pictures
  • From: "Guillermo S." <gaquiles20 AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Sat, 18 Sep 2004 09:48:12 -0400

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sin título2.jpg

sin título3.jpg

sin título4.jpg

- Dominican Republic is dealing with a lot of damage...
  • From: "Guillermo S." <gaquiles20 AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Sat, 18 Sep 2004 09:35:48 -0400
Hello my friends, here are the most important highlights:
-5 people dead.
-30,000 evacuated people.
-35 tourist injured in Puerto Plata.
-Provinces "El Seibo" and "Hato mayor" were badly beated, power is being reestablished.
-No phone services for provinces "Samaná" and "El Seibo".
-(This one is really shocking) Main road leading to the east side of the country were swallowed by overflowed rivers, and Chavón Bridge (comunicating La Romana with Higüey) has collapsed.
-Many towns are isolated, hundreds of houses under water (flooding was the major damage about this hurricane).
-For the agriculture, this industry was BADLY impacted, Dominican Republic, according to the newspaper Diario Libre, has lost about 50% of banana plantations.
Northern portion of the country was the most impacted and badly hurt.
"Please understand to those that are sending me e-mail looking for information about relatives here in DR or info about Hotel complexes, try out the "pleas for help" bulletin board, from here I can not do nothing but sit and watch the news."
Stay tuned...
PD: A mis otros compatriotas que reportan desde aquí, les pido que traten de buscar información sobre los complejos hoteleros hubicados al norte del país, y otros como Punta Cana y Bávaro, y lo publiquen en este sitio web, por favor.

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- North Coast Badly Damaged
  • From: "xanaduranch" <xanaduranch AT drsol.info>
  • Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2004 17:33:32 -0400
I left Xanadu this morning to check on some friends and take a few pictures and was stunned. What a disaster zone this place is. It took an hour and a half for the normal 10 minute ride to the entrance of El Choco. Thousands of trees are down. The road was blocked in close to 100 places. We couldn't get 30 feet from Xanadu Ranch before encountering trees blocking the road. A new one every 50 feet for the mile and a quarter to the entrance. From there down our main road to the main north coast highway you are driving in over under tree branches limbs telephone and power lines. Counted at least half a dozen concrete poles down. The entrance looks unrecognizable. No trees, the main billboard destroyed. When you poke your nose out on the main highway and look toward Sosua every single overhead sign is canted crazily or laying half in the road. The billboards were just shredded. The (two!) Sosua street light signals both broke off. The main street, Pedro Clisante, is impassable in the block in front of Britannia Pub. The old Club Miami which was being replaced with a disco looks to half lost half it's roof and much of the renovations inside which were nearing completion are heavily damaged. The Coastal Station & Ancla Supermarket lost one of it's signs out front and took some damage to the canopy over the pumps. They were doing some construction there and had rebar sticking up from the ground and its funny to look at as it is all now bent at 45 degree angles to the east from last nights winds. From there to Cabarete the sky seems strangely open and you realize its all the missing trees. The road was blocked in at least a dozen places and had been cleared. The highway in front of Coconut Palms, at the hill there, is green. Green from the clorophyl in the crushed leaves. Cabarete looks like a war zone. 75% of the overhead signs are gone, like the big landmark Western Union sign and the lighted Sans Souci signs. Some still dangle ominously just a few inches over your roof as you drive by. The beach looks to have lost a lot of sand. Water is still very high so there is not much beach there at the moment to walk on. The main power line on the way from there to Islabon is mostly lying in the roadway. There is one place where the top 7 feet of a thick wooden pole with a car sized insulator is suspended by the cables and dangling over the highway at windshield level in the westbound lane. Very dangerous. Along the way a number of paradas and billiard places have lost their roofs or had trees smash them to splinters. The Satellite Sports Bar in Cabarete lost all of its awnings as did quite a few other shops in Cabarete. Everywhere you look it's devastation around here. This is going to take a very long time to cleanup and fix. At 5:30PM still raining on and off. 5.76" so far for the day at Xanadu. Not much wind but still occasionally it gets quite breezy.

More photos in the Jeanne discussion thread on DRSol at http://www.drsol.info/forums/showthread.php?t=857.

A short AVI of the winds gusting to 66mph as the eye passed is here: http://www.virtualvoice.org/jeanne/JEANNE01.avi
Tom (aka XR)

A Toppled Watch Tower on Cabarete Beach Friday Morning

Main Street Sosua, Pedro Clisante, Looking East with old Club Miami at Left

Main Street Sosua, Pedro Clisante, Looking West toward Britannia Pub

Satellite Sport Bar in Cabarete Friday Morning

  • From: "Omar Despradel" <o.despradel AT crcltd.com.do>
  • Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2004 08:06:36 -0400

- (no subject)
  • From: Dunhill Systems <info AT dunhill.ws>
  • Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2004 11:23:56 -0300
In Juan dolio we have lights after an almost 35h blackout
Dmage is , according to the rest of the island, almost nothing
Few satellite dishes down, trees without leaves and small local floodings

will report more later if necessary


DunHill Systems
The Satellite Specialists 
for Internet and TV Systems
Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic
Phone (809) 437-8005

- Unpredictable Jeanne
  • From: Dolores Vicioso <dolores AT dr1.com>
  • Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2004 08:27:12 -0400
It is raining in Santo Domingo, and we would expect it to rain 
nationwide all day as the remnants of Jeanne makes its way west. The 
East Coast did get a hit, with some hotels suffering structural 
damages. The storm is in Puerto Plata now. Schools were closed for the 
day in DR. Jeanne will write new weather history with its direct 
western crossover from Puerto Rico, and then unexpected crawl through 
the north coast. Reports are coming in from all around the country on 
the present weather and damages caused as unpredictable Jeanne crosses 
the island and are being posted constantly at dr1.com's weather forum - 
- Weather & Beyond. See these at 

- Sosua Quiet
  • From: "xanaduranch" <xanaduranch AT drsol.info>
  • Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 10:15:48 -0400
Driving around Sosua this morning things seem pretty normal. People seem unaware that a Hurricane is making landfall only 125 miles away or so and probably headed our way late this afternoon or this evening. Lots of AMET and some military on the streets. Only one shop that I saw was boarded up, the Planet Photo across the street from the old Bancredito office. Wanted to get back to Xanadu so I didn't take time to see if any of the little beach kiosks prepared at all. The ocean is roaring loudly again here and we can see whitecaps as the waves break on the beaches 3 miles out and 300 feet down. Just like with Frances we're getting alternating periods of dead calm with periods of breezy weather. Each time the breezes return the wind speeds pick up a little more. Highest today though is only 22mph. So far just showery, nothing heavy at all. We've had .48" of rain yesterday and now .25" so far today.
Tom (aka XR)

- Center of Jeanne Passing Xanadu
  • From: "xanaduranch" <xanaduranch AT drsol.info>
  • Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2004 07:22:51 -0400

If Jeanne is just a strong TS. I am REALLY glad Frances stayed offshore with 140+mph winds. At 7:00am at Xanadu Ranch, 3 miles inland and 300 feet up in the foothills near Cabarete on the north coast of the Dominican Republic pretty steady winds in the 40-50mph range still gusting to around 60. Hasn't let up. Been going like this since 4:30am. Winds started kicking in around 12:30am. Camera is up again but functioning only intermittantly. We lost the rain guage sensor for 15-30 minute or so. Went out on the roof in the storm and hauled it back up so our rain total will be off by 1/2" or 1". Currently at 2.20" and climbing fast. All palm trees here damaged to some extent. A few badly. Have a lemon tree and an orange tree on their sides uprooted. The lemon tree also took with it some buried electrical cable that provides light to the gardens and walkways at night. The tubes are up with the exposed wires hanging out. There is the strong smell/aroma in the air of some trees across the road that have snapped in the heavy winds. Clouds are only about 50' off the roof scudding by at an incredible pace. I'd estimate from the wind direction standing out there for a bit that the eye is to the South or Southwest of us now. But from the pressure reading (29.51") and wind speeds we're probably right on the edge of what's left of the eyewall feature. It's surprising Jeanne has held on so strongly after a day over land.

Tom (aka XR)


- Winds picking up right now
  • From: "Guillermo S." <gaquiles20 AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2004 01:41:30 -0400
I don't know if it may get worst, but at least current winds are the highest we have ever got since Jeanne is in our territory, however, she was downgraded to a tropical storm and after Jeanne was stationary, started to move WNW, which means that she is moving away at this point.
El Seybo reported many wind damage.... as I speak, I can hear little strong gusts capable to move things on street... it is not raining though, I went outside to the balcony (I'm on an 8th floor) and can see low clouds with fast motion from west to east, which is pretty logic as the storm is at our north and you can imagine the rest.
Classes are officially suspended for friday in most of the provinces including Santo Domingo.
It is expected that this will be a very windy night here at the metropolitan area, gusts started to pick up just 10 minutes before I started to write, however, remember, it is just a tropical storm, and it is 105 km away (about 65 miles), so no big deal for us, either it won't do that much damage, flooding and rain is most fear.
Gotta go, need to sleep.


- North Coast of Dominican Republic
  • From: "xanaduranch" <xanaduranch AT drsol.info>
  • Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 17:38:40 -0400
Raining steadily here on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic between Cabarete and Sosua for the last hour. Earlier in the day we had periods of rain interspersed with period of calm and even a little sun. Now its alternating periods of light rain versus heavy rain. So far 1.01" of rain today, 1.49" in the last 24-hours. See http://www.drsol.info/weather-MDXA.htm for live webcam pictures and readings from our sensors while our internet connection lasts. So far not much wind. Highest gust was 27mph a few hours ago but wind is picking up again. We are 3 miles inland and 300 feet up with a view of some 20 miles of beach. Through the afternoon we saw waves building to 15-25 feet in the open ocean, some half a mile or more long. The waves breaking at the beaches near us that we could see were some 10-20 feet high judging by buildings visible in the same area that we are familiar with close to those beaches. Pressure continuing to fall now at 29.75. Winds from the East but light just at the moment.
Tom (aka XR)

- Jeannie 3:50 PM
  • From: servatur <servatur AT codetel.net.do>
  • Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 17:12:41 -0400

Even though the winds have decreased the damages are considerable, rain
still pouring.
The most affected were the facilities near the shore, grass roof facilities
and metal sheet rooffing being torn away.
Trees and electric poles were knock down as early  as this morning prior.
The eye passing through.
Damages are considerable but the operation of the hotels are going as
Electricty for those outside the Resorts were shut down and will be
reconnected probably tonight.
The Punta Cana Intl and Romana Intnl airports were close down this morning
flights were derouted to Las Americas and even to Varadero(Cuba), due to
poor conditions in Las Americas.
Rain has stopped in SD at 3:50 PM est but is expected  rain all through the
The course of Jeannie is supposed to take it towards a minimum hill area of
los Haitises towards Miches and Sabana de la Mar on its N NW course so is
expected to reduce its stenght, but damages to those locations are expected
On the North shore Nagua as early as 11 AM today the intensity of the winds
was considerable and was expected to get worst, the reports from the
authorities is tha the have everything under control
Best Regards

T Ferrer

- Cat-1 hurricane Jeanne now churns west
  • From: "Guillermo S." <gaquiles20 AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 14:33:42 -0400
Current conditions on Santo Domingo, soaking rain, hasn't stop since early this morning, reports over La Altagracia (where Higüey, Bávaro and Punta Cana are located) specify that there are several wind damage on weak structure, heavy flooding, many fallen trees, overflowed rivers, also 5 people wounded.
Cat-1 hurricane Jeanne with sustained winds of 120 kph (75 mph) is battering west portion of Dominican Republic, many schools decided to cancel classes as it seems that things may get worst than expected (my smaller bro and sis were returned from school at 11am). Also Hurricane warning now is set to provinces: Monte Plata, Salcedo, La Vega y Monseñor Nouel (according to bulletin 9 of Operation Emergency Center (COE)).
At this point, 2,250 people are evacuated on east and south-east portion of the country.
Winds are trying to pick up here on Santo Domingo, but nothing serious yet, Jeanne is just not close enough and winds are very close to this tropical system's eye. However I saw live reports and saw the winds' effect wich are not looking good, satellite images shows the eye of the storm over El Seybo, northern province of La Romana.
Also, Jeanne shows better organization, you can see that on caribbean satellite.
Stay tuned...

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- Update
  • From: Katia Pouliot <kpouliot AT mercantil.com.do>
  • Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 14:01:17 -0400

Quite a bit of rain has fallen in Santo Domingo so far.  Many streets are starting to get flooded from the constant rain and I imagine that by 5pm it'll be a bit complicated to drive around.  So far no too much wind although we are getting some stronger gusts.  I almost got my umbrella ripped out of my hands at noon...  I'll keep posting as long as I'm at work.

Good luck to all!

Katia P. Pouliot

- Jeanne Hurricane
  • From: "Joaquin Gonzalez" <jgonzalez AT swissport.com.do>
  • Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 12:52:54 -0400

Dear all:


Tropical store JEANNE is now  cat I hurricane. The east part of the Hispaniola island have strong winds over 70 miles per hour and heavy rain. The International Airport of Punta Cana, the major of the area in passenger movement, is closed and partially damage in the roof and the landing area under water.


In Santo Domingo, the main city, is under rain and will have strong winds at the evening. People that live near rivers are  already evacuated. There is not major damage reported at this moment.


Kind regards,


From Santo Domingo,  Dominican Republic

Joaquin Gonzalez.




- Jeanne
  • From: servatur <servatur AT codetel.net.do>
  • Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 10:48:36 -0400
Sorry that I didn;t report earlier on Jeanne even though I'm I Santo Domingo
I keep comunications with the eastern part of island via cel .
Earlier this mornig strong winds were felt all along the esatern coat, as of
10 PM Thursday.
This morning until 9am when the center of the sotrom went through Punta
-Bavaro area.
After that time battering wavesvery strom winds were felt in the Punta Cana
Cabo Engaño, Beron, Cabeza de Toro, Bavaro Arena Gorda.
Traffic was moving along until the eye pass trough then because of the
falling of the trees things go
At this time  10:50 AM the intensity of the wind in the shore has decreased,
and people are moving along as nothing is happening

T Ferrer

- Punta Cana
  • From: Katia Pouliot <kpouliot AT mercantil.com.do>
  • Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 10:28:29 -0400
Title: Punta Cana

Managed to talk to my husband this morning who's in Punta Cana.  He says that so far they have downed trees and some tin roofs have flown off.  They've also been recieving quite a bit of rain and it doesn't look as if it'll let up any time soon.  I'll post again if he manages to contact me.

One of my co-workers in San Pedro De Macoris says that the wind is picking up now and that the traffic lights are starting to sway.  They've been recieving a lot of rain since yesterday, causing some flooding. 

In Santo Domingo, it's been raining lightly since 7am and the wind has yet to pick up.  Let's just hope Jeanne tracks north and not south....

Katia P. Pouliot

- URGENT update
  • From: "Guillermo S." <gaquiles20 AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 08:58:54 -0400
Morning.... Jeanne is entering right now at the very tip eastern part of dominican territory (Cabo Engaño).
It is expected that jeanne will bash the north coast as she continues to churns.
Hurricane Warning it is posted since yesterday on the following provinces (from east to west north coast):
-La Altagracia (Saona island under TS warning)
-El Seybo
-Hato Mayor
-María Trinidad Sánchez
-Puerto Plata
-Monte Cristi
Tropical Storm warning posted since yesterday on the following provinces (from east to west south coast):
-La Romana
-San Pedro de Macorís
-Monte Plata
-Santo Domingo
-Classes are suspended on several provinces, including those on hurricane warning.
-Not all school suspended classes here on Santo Domingo.
-Light rain right now, however, it's been raining since yesterday.
-No breaking waves at our shores, as Jeanne doesn't have the correct angle to do it.
I don't have enough news from La Altagracia province, I expect to collect more news as soon as I get home from university (yes, I have classes too).
People near rivers, running water sources and so, are already told to evacuate, just got a new report from La Altagracia, the are several shelters open with people already in them, power outage, phones lines interruption. No news yet about the hotels complex (Bávaro, Punta Cana, Meliá).
PD: We are going to be just allright  ('',) don't worry people.

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sin título.jpg

- Santo Domingo update
  • From: Katia Pouliot <kpouliot AT mercantil.com.do>
  • Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 08:07:34 -0400
Title: Santo Domingo update

Things are quiet in Santo Domingo today.  A slight drizzle has been falling for the past hour and people are holding their breaths waiting to see where Jeanne will head to.  As we speak, the hurricane is entering Cabo Engaño on the east end of the island. 

Katia P. Pouliot
Asist. Vicepresidencia de Finanzas
Banco Mercantil, S.A.
Tel: (809) 947-6535
Fax:(809) 472-8011

- Jeanne very close...
  • From: "Guillermo S." <gaquiles20 AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2004 13:18:54 -0400
good afternoon...
TS Jeanne seems it will obviously impact somewhere northern Dominican Republic, as things are looking right now, I'm very disappointed about local authorities not giving enough attention to this one, maybe because it is just a tropical storm.
Forecast predict that Jeanne will become cat-1 hurricane before reaching Hispaniola when it crosses the Mona channel (open waters between PR and DR).
People and interest on north coast (from Samaná to Monte Cristi) should be very careful about this one, and for the rest of the nation, also, because it will rain a lot, maybe.
Tropical storm do not make significant wind damage, however, they are capable to loose a lot of rain causing flooding and mudslides.
Stay tuned...

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- Current conditions
  • From: "Guillermo S." <gaquiles20 AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2004 19:00:57 -0400
good evening...
First I want to make clear that some of my reports are not reaching the web site, so things are, that I doubt this one will make it, if it does, lucky I am.
It's been a wet day over santo domingo, heavy downpours thru all the afternoon, and currently is heavy cloudy. This weather is associated with TS Jeanne, as it could be easily watched on satellite image.
We are expecting Jeanne over dominican territory tomorrow, unfortunately there are chances that will reach cat-1 hurricane, however, it is expected that will hit north coast.
best of luck to Puerto Rico.

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- Update
  • From: Katia Pouliot <kpouliot AT mercantil.com.do>
  • Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2004 09:57:57 -0400

Things are normal in Santo Domingo today.  Unfortunately, people don't seem to be taking this seriously and even the news network and only mentioning it as secondary news.  Hopefully it'll follow the projections I've seen so far and cross to the north of us.  But from what I've read on the other islands, we'll probably be receiving a bit a rain, causing some considerable flooding.  I hope that if it reaches hurricane strength today, people will realize how serious the situation it...

Good luck to Puerto Rico!

Katia P. Pouliot

- 7:26pm quick update
  • From: "Guillermo S." <gaquiles20 AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 19:34:40 -0400
Good evening...
First of all, I apologize to those I promised to post an update sometime yesterday, I DID, in fact, post and update, but for some reason, it didn't make it to this web site, I don't know why that happens, so I hope this one make it, as it should be.
Yesterday I said that we are facing a new tropical trouble, TD#11, now, TS Jeanne, she is the newest tropical system on the tropics and she just formed at our backyard, it it could be said. Now she is aiming for Puerto Rico, then will pass somewhere near or over our island.
We will be keeping a close eye for future development and course.
Just by the way, lately it has been very sunny and hot, great weather, today was so hot, and for making things worst, it did rain lightly, and then this powerful sun vaporized the water, making environment so heavy to breath.
Stay tuned...

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- Will our luck last?
  • From: Katia Pouliot <kpouliot AT mercantil.com.do>
  • Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 12:04:27 -0400
Title: Will our luck last?

Is it just me or do most of this year's storms try to get here and for some reason get pushed away?  I'm just hoping our luck lasts a few days more.  But if the worst we'll get this year is a tropical storm, then be it.  Weather in Santo Domingo is sunny, hot, and your normal September day.  According to predictions, Jeanne should be arriving on Thursday.  Hopefully it won't have time to strengthen much until then.

Katia P. Pouliot

- Nice weather here, feel sorry for Jamaica...
  • From: "Guillermo S." <gaquiles20 AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2004 12:43:17 -0400
good afternoon...
I have been watching the progress of Ivan and saw some image from jamaica, is not looking good. May God help you all in the recovery...
I feel bad saying this while there is tragedy, but we have so beautiful weather, sun is shinning, I don't know how is the sea situation if there is still breaking, i doubt it. We received tourist from Cuba too, two airplanes landed full of them in Puerto Plata too.
Right now there's no cyclone threatening us, quite a relief. for now....
have a nice day...

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- News and update
  • From: "Guillermo S." <gaquiles20 AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2004 08:06:44 -0400
good morning....
It is cloudy here in Santo Domingo, there are some news I want to share with you all.
Since my last update, I said I could hear thunders at the backgroud, well, since that moment, there would be a lighting fiesta starting, I woke up by 4:40am because thunders noise, I couldn;t believe it, it was like 1 lighting peer 2 or 3 seconds, that was mad lighting, it rained too.
About 2 thousands of turist were evacuated from Jamaica to Puerto Plata, Dom. Rep. A turist zone located at the north coast, it is confirmed that 4 childrens died as they were venturing on a beach with dangerous waves.
I attached teo more pictrures showing the wild waves attacking Santo Domingo coast, also, I reported some damaged about waves throwing rocks, I got a picture too about that. (both from Diario Libre morning newspaper).
Stay tuned...

sin titulo 2.jpg

sin titulo.jpg

- Ivan, for us, is history, for others, we send our pray
  • From: "Guillermo S." <gaquiles20 AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2004 00:49:00 -0400
good evening...
I'm very sad about the news coming from Grenada, the destruction was wide, i saw pictures, news, everything I could, I heard also about the looting and the necessity to reinforce security, all that is so sad to hear, but this kind of things are expected when a whole country is devastated, the need to be.
Ivan is aiming for Jamaica, I saw live broadcasting of Fidel Castro mobilizing his troops and talking to his people, preparing for Ivan.
In resume over here, the whole day was cloudy since 7~8am maybe, it rain lightly the whole day, the issue here right now is that 3 children died this morning when they tried to fish seafood, 3 died, 1 is missing but is presumed also dead, the seacoast was nasty breaking, reports on highway going from Santo Domingo to San Cristobal at 14 de mayo highway reported pieces of rocks sent in the highway. you could sea waves breaking as high as the electric wires, causing power outage in some areas (power outage, though, in this country, is not a big issue, because we have a terrible electric service and we pay maybe the most expensive electric bill in the whole america continent, therefore, almost all residential tower have their own full support generator, like in my building, that could last as long as it has diesel in it).
The three or four children died at Las Americas highway, at the east of Santo Domingo, no reports on tropical storm winds, but flooding watch is posted for south-west region specially, and the whole country also.
Right now I can hear thunders in the background.
Next, I am going to watch closely Ivan, luckily, no tropical system has formed yet.
Stay tuned...
PD: Picture attached showing the high breaking waves at our coastline, you can see it actualy reaches the electric wires. Our coastline is rocky and high, so the sea breaks very hard, making it VERY dangerous for swimmers and people standing near by.

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- Quick 1:10pm update
  • From: "Guillermo S." <gaquiles20 AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Thu, 09 Sep 2004 13:16:53 -0400
good afternoon...
Right now current conditions are obvious, full cloudy (since several hours ago), light rain, no wind at all, coastal area is very dangerous since there are big waves breaking.
I heard on the radio a non-confirm report about two people drowned at a beach near by or at the malecón right here on santo domingo, ppl shouldn't ignore that the sea is very dangerous right now as we are having a cat-5 hurricane spinning under us, far away to produce gusty winds, but close enough to make the sea very dangerous.
see ya on next report...

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- Edge of Ivan?
  • From: "Hermanas de la Caridad" <hnas.caridad AT codetel.net.do>
  • Date: Thu, 9 Sep 2004 11:52:56 -0300
Last night we had, for about half an hour, gusty winds and heavy rain in Baní.  Today it is cloudy and right now the wind seems to picking up.  There is an advisory for heavy rain and some winds.  There is no electricity (I am working on the inverter) and so people can't listen to what is really happening.  I am so glad that Ivan is passing quite far to the south of us and I pray for the people of Jamaica.  However, we are prepared for the rain.

- CAT-5 Hurricane!
  • From: "Guillermo S." <gaquiles20 AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Thu, 09 Sep 2004 08:43:54 -0400
Good morning my friends...
I woke up early at 5am for a 3.4Km walk as usual every two days, and the sky was soo beautiful, the stars were shinning, everything pretty dark because the sun goes a little bit after 6am, I arrived at home after that like 6:15 and went to bed until 7, when I have to take my bro and sis to school. I decided to ride at the coast avenue "malecón", and I was pretty amazed about the fact that how was the sea comparing to the sky earlier, well, at that time I could see couple of clouds, but when I was the the malecón, that looked pretty nasty, big waves crashing everywhere, and you couldn't see nothing beyond, like a fog was coming, very cloudy out there.
Ivan is a cat-5 hurricane (¡¡winds around 260kph!!), and I won't lie, we will get bad weather anytime soon, but we are safe from his deadly hurricane winds (weather.com reports 31 kph winds later). Our south-west coastline is under tropical storm warning, and the warning line ends pretty close to Santo Domingo.
Ivan looks like it will impact Jamaica, well, wherever he's going, my prayers to those ahead of him, because he is now a "great Ivan the furious", a deadly cat-5 hurricane.
I will post an update as soon as I get here from university sometime between 12~1:10pm hopefully (I'm taking my umbrella with me ('',)).
Stay tuned...


- Update
  • From: Katia Pouliot <kpouliot AT mercantil.com.do>
  • Date: Thu, 9 Sep 2004 08:24:43 -0400

All is quiet this morning in Santo Domingo.  Very little cloud cover and the temperature is actually nice.  We are crossing our fingers so that we don't receive too much rain and wind today.  Yesterday it rained extremely hard for about 1 hour, flooding streets and overpasses but during the night everything was calm. 

Good luck to Cayman Islands and Jamaica.

Katia P. Pouliot

- Getting the outer bands
  • From: "Guillermo S." <gaquiles20 AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 08 Sep 2004 17:02:23 -0400
Good afternoon...
As it can be easily watched at Caribbean satellite, we are starting to get Ivan's rain, it is raining now, we are expecting t-storm sometime in the future, luckily, Ivan will pass far enough so we won't get all that nasty hurricane wind, however, we are keeping close eye to Ivan since It can change course and then we may get something, as things are right now, NO PROBLEM!  ('',)
Hmmm, we are getting, though, some "un-direct" effects from Ivan. We are having a problem of natural gas supplying since there is a ship that couldn't reach us on time, the ship will have to wait until the storm passes. Can you believe that? Authorities called for "saving gas" until we get the supply.
Stay tuned...

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- Relief!
  • From: "Guillermo S." <gaquiles20 AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Tue, 07 Sep 2004 20:56:35 -0400
Good evening...
I appreciate all people e-mailing me asking for help on weather issue and needed updates, thanks to everybody that trust in me and in all reports that are posted in this VERY useful and great website.
At the beginning, reports pointed Dominican Republic as a possible target to this tropical system. But as you can see right now, Ivan STILL moving to the west, which put this island in the safety side even more as time passes. I reported earlier that we may get hit, then, that Ivan may hit the south-west coast somewhere between Pedernales and Barahona, now, it is even better, Ivan may not reach our island, he hasn't make yet that north turn that may put us in danger.
So, for those at the south-east and north coast, you guys can breath easier now, those in south-west area, I'll wait a little longer to submit my opinion, we dominicans know that anything can happen, Hurricane David (1979) and Hurricane Georges (1998) are two great example of "last minute" course change. As things are going right now, we may just feel some of his effects (rain, nice cool soft breeze).
My prays to those in Trinidad & Tobago, Grenada and the other islands, for now Jamaica and Cuba need to pay attention to this system.
Have a nice day and stay tuned!


- Update
  • From: Katia Pouliot <kpouliot AT mercantil.com.do>
  • Date: Tue, 7 Sep 2004 09:04:50 -0400

The DR's breathing a bit easier this morning after the current projections are showing Ivan crossing to the south of us.  I personally won't let my guard down until after it's crossed because looking back on past hurricanes taking a southerly course, I know that anything can happen.  The news stations are keeping people here updated and have asked them to not let their guard down and keep informed, just in case the course does change.

Good luck to those that are receiving Ivan today.

Katia P. Pouliot

- 7pm Update
  • From: "Guillermo S." <gaquiles20 AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 06 Sep 2004 19:21:31 -0400
Good evening from Santo Domingo...
Today it has been a nice day, couple of clouds, few drops, but that's it. It was a little bit hot, great day for beach, and now the big deal:
Ivan moves towards the lesser antilles. Best of luck to those in the projected path, be prepared, good news are that Ivan is weaker, i saw the 5pm update and its winds are around 169 kph which puts this system on category 2 saffir simpson scale, in resume, he is weaker.
However, it is almost for sure it will find favorable conditions to re-develop to a major Hurricane by the time it approaches to us, by the way, I want to add something here, the projected path is suggesting that Ivan will be a little bit more to the south than earlier expected, which is good news for us, but bad for others, right now he still threatening our island, but the south-west coast instead of south-east coast, it seems it may strike somewhere between Barahona and Pedernales provinces and then reach Haiti. Hopefully he will go even more to the south and then may threat Cuba, who knows, too early to predict.
In the other side, local authorities are already alerting dominicans about this system, which is good, Frances threat woke up all the attentions to weather-related issues and now we are focusing on Ivan.
Stay tuned...

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- Update in DR
  • From: Katia Pouliot <kpouliot AT mercantil.com.do>
  • Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2004 09:20:16 -0400
Title: Update in DR

This is looking like a flashback to hurricane David.  Looks like this one'll be a very close call.  People in the DR are aware and ready for it after Frances close shave last week.  The news are really taking this one seriously even though it's still several days out.  Our thoughts go out to the those who'll be receiving Ivan first. 

Katia P. Pouliot

- Ivan to increase nerves
  • From: "Guillermo S." <gaquiles20 AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Sun, 05 Sep 2004 19:57:29 -0400
Good evening from Santo Domingo...
Hurricane Ivan is making his way to the caribbean islands, I'm sad to say this, but I am very sure it will hit somewhere the lesser antilles, for us in the big islands (from Puerto Rico to Cuba), well, good news for Puerto Rico as it seems that Ivan will pass well to the south, too early to predict though, however, it seems that the Hispaniola (Dom. Rep. and Haiti) will get hit by this system sometime late wednesday to friday, again, too early to predict, hopefully the storm will pass to the south, I can tell this because Ivan is well to the south comparing to our position.
It seems that Ivan is located "just in the correct position and following the correct path" to punch Dom. Rep.
I do not wish this, but If we get a hit, I'm sure this island will punish the storm very hard as it will encounter face-to-face the juicy mountain system (2500~3100 meters peaks) and it will sure get weak or even change curse, Hispaniola will be like a "barrier" for those who are next in the projected path.
We are in God's hands, only he knows what will happen.
PD: I suggest to those who plan to come for vacation next week, to stick to weather reports, I suggest also to cancel plans or to move vacations for another time in the future, specially to those staying somewhere in the south coast. Is too early to predict, again, but just as things are going right now, this island will get a direct hit.

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- The season "muy salvaje"
  • From: "Guillermo S." <gaquiles20 AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 03 Sep 2004 22:42:49 -0400
Now I am looking forward the progress of TS Ivan, I got pretty amazed about the path is taking, he is slightly going south, for then take the west and maybe the west-northwestern motion, which put us (the big islands of caribbean) in "pelos de punta".
Like Frances would have said "oh geeez, I almost got those islands, let me see what my partner Ivan does"... LOL, well.... isn't weather a great entertainment stuff? It keeps you busy looking out over seas.
For those in the Bahamas, our prays are with you, so with the Floridians, best of luck and stick with your local emergency plans.
"Guerra avisada no mata soldado, pero si lo mata, es por descuidado"

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- That was close..!
  • From: "Guillermo S." <gaquiles20 AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 01 Sep 2004 19:30:03 -0400
Resume of the day, completly clody, some winds, not big deal, it hasn't rain, at least in the metropolitan area.
We dominicans can breath with relief, Frances was hella close, any unexpert eye watching the satellite image could conclude that Frances hit the island on the north, well, it was not close enough to impact with 'even' TS winds.
Here a picture i got from weather.com, the red dot is Santo Domingo.
Stay tuned...
PD: best of luck to those in the proyected path.

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- Frances Passes
  • From: "xanaduranch" <xanaduranch AT drsol.info>
  • Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2004 13:03:59 -0400
From DRSol Reports Today:
10:00AM (Xanadu Ranch between Cabarete and Sosua 19.79N/70.5W) Just when I thought we might escape everything we have one of the strong thunderstorm bands racing at us from sea right now. Another 5 minutes and we'll be in a squall. Nasty looking to. Roll clouds and a green sky beneath it. As I said earlier, the next few hours will be the worst. But I think we have amazingly escaped most of it. I'll tell you what though ... we can see a good part of the storm from here and I wouldn't bet two cheles that I could get more than 2 miles offshore before hitting the squalls through most of this. THAT's how close this monster came. And it's not quite through with us yet. The satellite shows the storm is 5x wider south of the eye than north. It looks like it's straining out to reach the DR and slap us. No time left though but good try Frances.
11:40AM (Cofresi) A squall passed through Cofresi with 35 mph gusts. Rain is starting to fall now. Conditions are deteriorating. A report from Nagua said that some wooden shacks where destroyed by winds.
12:15PM (Xanadu Ranch between Cabarete and Sosua 19.79N/70.5W)  El Caribe / CDN reports 6 houses destroyed by waves in Nagua, various areas have been evacuated. Puerto Plata is now under "red alert", strong winds are expected to effect this area between 1pm and 3 pm. These photos were taken from between 10:00AM and 12:00PM AST as one of the heavy rain bands moved ashore at Xanadu. Note the white color of the water close to the tree line. The beaches are taking a beating. That's waves breaking a considerable distance out and up from normal. As of now we continue to see one of the heavy rain bands sliding by rapidly from west to east. Occasionally the gust front advances south of us. When it does the winds kick up in seconds to a steady 30-35 mph. On the other side it's 5-15. I can imagine the wind speeds go up pretty fast as you get deeper past that first band. We're awfully luck at the moment. Another 20 miles or so and we'd be having problems. It's amazing to me, after 30 years of weather forecasting experience, with a degree in atmospheric physics, how any otherwise sane, intelligent, educated person - especially some who have owned boats or sailed - can continually play Polyanna and ignore the death and destruction that is sitting just a few miles literally off the coast. Not being prepared, because you don't want to face the possibility can get you killed. Fast. I am much happier having taken reasonable precautions here to guard my home and family than to have said "oh it'll miss" and hope for the best. People never cease to amaze me. Especially people who should know better. From the government to several responsible news organizations here Frances was continually downplayed from "not affecting the national territory" to "no need to prepare it'll pass well north so come on down and enjoy your vacation". It worked. Hardly anyone along the north coast prepared at all. At the time of these photos the eye was just 125 miles or so north, and a 140 mile an hour wind max was only 50-60 miles away. Sustained TS winds were no more than 10-15 miles out. Saying "don't worry" or worse yet, tomorrow "I told you we'd be fine" is more than irresponsible. It's criminal. 20 miles further south and many people could have been killed. Good luck to TCI and the Bahamas. This is a nasty storm. Glad it'll be gone from the Dominican Republic as a threat in a few hours.


- Report on Frances
  • From: servatur <servatur AT codetel.net.do>
  • Date: Wed, 01 Sep 2004 11:13:05 -0400
As the hurricane frances moves northwest the first rain begin to fall on the
eastern coast of the DR. Early in the morning dry winds plus high waves of
up to five feet on the coral reef were appreciated in the Bavaro coast
All the Hotels adviced to close water sport activities, other than that
everything seem's normal

T Ferrer

- Frances in the DR
  • From: Dolores Vicioso <dolores AT dr1.com>
  • Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2004 08:28:09 -0400
Santo Domingo on the southeast coast, Punta Cana on the east coast  
experienced lots of sunny hot weather as the storm made its way past 
the country. On the north coast  big swells came in ("but overall seas 
not too bad), some light rain, winds that seemed to be 15-20 mph, but 
nothing much out of the usual. People did take it seriously. In Santo 
Domingo last night supermarkets were packed as people prepared for the 
worst (which meant a last minute unexpected turn inland). Apparently, 
Frances passed too north of the country to have an effect. For  
coverage of the storm as it made its way past the DR, see 

- Frances in the DR
  • From: Dolores Vicioso <dolores AT dr1.com>
  • Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 21:13:35 -0400
There is relief in the DR after reports have come in that the hurricane 
will pass well to our north. After the experiences of course-changing 
David (1979) and George (1998), we Dominicans take hurricanes and their 
shifty character seriously. For a full recount of Frances in the 
Dominican Republic, including its passage through Samana and Puerto 
Plata, see http://dr1.com/forums/showthread.php?t=34105

Dolores Vicioso

- Hurricane to pass very close, but not enough to...
  • From: "Guillermo S." <gaquiles20 AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 14:50:42 -0400
Reporting from Santo Domingo...
CNE keeps the alert nation wide as hurricane 'Frances' advances north of Puerto Rico today.
We are expecting showers and some winds, but nothing serious as it seems it will just pass right north of us, but close enough to make the whole country to feels its effects, North Coast line though, have to take serious measures about this tropical system because it is the closest point to be affected by this powerful hurricane.
Right now, sunny with few clouds, great for beach (as always ), however, bad weather is approaching anytime soon.
Stay tuned...

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- Hurricane Frances a Threat to North Coast of Dominican Republic
  • From: "quaqualita - Cabarete" <quaqualita AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 03:34:02 +0000
At 11 PM AST...0300z...the government of the Dominican Republic has issued a 
tropical storm watch for the northern coast of the Dominican Republic from 
Manzanillo Bay eastward to Cabo engano.
Radhames Salcedo, director of Civil Defense was on TV here tonight fibnally 
telling Dominicans about the threat from Frances. I hope folks listen. There 
was mention of Leonel closing all clubs, discotehcques, etc. tomorrrow.

From DRSol (http:www.drsol.info) Based on the NHC Position 19.7 N/ 61.4 W at 
at 11pm AST

Bavaro............ 18.71N/68.45W 466 Miles bearing 98 Degrees (08:17 09/01)
Cabarete.......... 19.75N/70.40W 586 Miles bearing 90 Degrees (16:51 09/01)
La Romana......... 18.42N/68.97W 503 Miles bearing 100 Degrees (10:55 09/01)
Las Terenas....... 19.31N/69.53W 531 Miles bearing 93 Degrees (12:55 09/01)
Luperon........... 19.90N/70.95W 622 Miles bearing 89 Degrees (19:25 09/01)
Monte Cristi...... 19.87N/71.65W 667 Miles bearing 89 Degrees (22:38 09/01)
Puerto Plata...... 19.80N/70.68W 604 Miles bearing 89 Degrees (18:08 09/01)
Nagua............. 19.38N/69.83W 550 Miles bearing 92 Degrees (14:17 09/01)
Rio San Juan...... 19.65N/70.08W 565 Miles bearing 90 Degrees (15:21 09/01)
Samana............ 19.21N/69.32W 518 Miles bearing 94 Degrees (12:00 09/01)
Santiago.......... 19.45N/70.70W 606 Miles bearing 92 Degrees (18:17 09/01)
Santo Domingo..... 18.47N/69.54W 539 Miles bearing 99 Degrees (13:30 09/01)
Sosua............. 19.77N/70.52W 594 Miles bearing 90 Degrees (17:25 09/01)

Note: Time in paranthesis is a very rough estimate of the closest approach 
based on current speed and location. The storm may speed up or slow down 
which will affect this estimate greatly.

An high pressure ridge to the north of Frances continues strong but 
weakening is expected at 72 hours which would allow a more northward 
movement at that time.
At current speed the center will pass Las Terenas in 37 hours, and Cabarete 
in 41. This is not in time to see the ridge weaken to affect the course near 
the DR.
Frances is strenthening and the wind field will be larger around the system 
as it passes here than it is now which means it must clear farther to the 
north to spare the north coast the effects.
Direction remains 275 degrees true. 286 is now needed to clear 21.5 and 
indications are we need it at least 22.0 to escape serious effects if the 
strengthening continues.

For local updates also check http://www.drsol.info

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- Yellow Alert nation wide...
  • From: "Guillermo S." <gaquiles20 AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2004 18:20:05 -0400
The "Comisión Nacional de Emergencia (COE)" has declared yellow alert nation wide and is beginning the process of location of the shelters to be used in case of major Hurricane Frances keep its curse and pass over our country, this is because the "obvious" close curse Frances is following now, "we can not take any risks, we recommend the whole nation to watch closely this tropical system", said.
As Hurricane Frances is a potential menace to US & Virgin Island, we must keep a close eye to this storm for the following days.
Major Hurricane "Frances" is expected to be "near or over" Dominican Republic sometime on the next two or three days from now.
Stay tuned for more....

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- Go north Frances, leave us in peace!
  • From: "Guillermo S." <gaquiles20 AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Sat, 28 Aug 2004 17:25:45 -0400
I was watching storm track info, it seems that Major Hurricane Frances' wave bands will touch the very north tip of our island (Samaná), however, if it continues its actual motion, it won't.
Lets pray for that to happen.
I will keep a close eye to this system as it continues to approach.

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- Earl, a storm to watch carefully...
  • From: "Guillermo S." <gaquiles20 AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2004 07:56:02 -0400
Reporting from Santo Domingo...
I just can't believe how fast we are facing new storms spinning on the atlantic ocean, Charley hasn't stop to surprise me as IT STILL being a Tropical Storm with winds around 40mph (65kph) in those cold waters and is over Long Island, NY heading towards new england, the storm just refuse to get weak. However is not our problem, our problem is Earl, and maybe sometime in the next future, Danielle.
The projected path brings the center of Earl right under our island, again, as it happened with Charley as a TD, it just passing pretty close, still too early to predict but by the time passes under us it may be already a hurricane and so if it detours a little bit north it will just slam our south coast. Puerto Rico seems to be not worry about this storm as it is just too much to the south for them, but as I always say, weather is soooo unpredictable and who knows if it makes a perfect 90 degrees north turn right under them. LOL.
Well, is all for now stay tuned for more...

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- Hurricane season is picking up pretty fast...
  • From: "Guillermo S." <gaquiles20 AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Sat, 14 Aug 2004 02:00:53 -0400
reporting from Santo Domingo...
Right now i was checking on weather and just realized that TD5 is already existing, besides TD4. Hmm, we will have to keep a close eye to those storms to see what happens...
Right now, TS clouds, lighting but not raining, it did rain quite a lot earlier this afternoon.

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- Beautiful day
  • From: "Guillermo S." <gaquiles20 AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2004 13:24:01 -0400
Nice weather here, a bit hot... I was watching the news earlier to see what about those two tropical systems Bonnie and Charley, well, best of luck to those in Florida, to ppl in Jamaica congratulations.
Well, lets see when Danielle will form out there.


- It didn't rain after all...
  • From: "Guillermo S." <gaquiles20 AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 01:21:30 -0400
...at least at this point.
Charlie still making its way spinning in the caribbean area right under us, but earlier this afternoon we just got some strong winds gust, I was driving and in some areas I could see some damage caused by collapsed trees, and decided to drive at the coast, where we call "el malecón" and there's a lot of pieces of these trees I don't know how to call it in English "palmeras", and the sea was a bit turbulent, but not more, at this point no rain, just a few drops enough to get the streets a bit wet.
I saw right now the satellite image, and I could noticed that some of the wave bands of the TS is not actually reaching our area right now, but still pretty close and it seems it may get VERY close to Haiti.
However, rain is "expected" at 3am (right now is 1:16am), but I won't stick too much to what I see on weather reports, the weather is soooo unpredictable.

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- Tropical Storm Charley
  • From: "Hermanas de la Caridad" <hnas.caridad AT codetel.net.do>
  • Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2004 17:36:09 -0300
Here it is Roberta from Bani, an hour southwest of Santo Domingo.  I haven't been able to get on the hurricane site to check because our electricity level was just too low.  We had a beautiful day today until about 3:00 p.m. and it looked as if it was going to rain.  It simply poured with gusty winds for about ten minutes and now as I check the site, I see why.  Gone is out sun and it is very humid and overcast.  Thanks be to God all we had was a little rain.

- I am a bad weather reporter...
  • From: "Guillermo S." <gaquiles20 AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2004 16:03:55 -0400
Hi there, again, sitting in front of my PC, when I hear again door slamming on the background, exactly the same happened when TD2 (now Bonnie) was spinning under our island. Now I check again the weather channel and surprise, TS Charlie is spinning under our island TOO!!  O.O
Right now, heavy wind gusts, pretty ugly groups of TS clouds (not overcastted) and it is expected to rain as hell this night.
Stay tuned for more...

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- TD 2 producing some effects...
  • From: "Guillermo Serra" <gacserra AT verizon.net.do>
  • Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2004 20:53:38 -0400
Hi, this is Guillermo, reporting from Santo Domingo, currently there's something wrong with Hotmail so I had to use my personal e-mail.
I've been sitted almost all the afternoon in front of my PC, when suddenly I just hear door slaming on the background, so I decided to check out the weather outside and could see lowered level clouds moving fast from south to north, I just thought it had to be TD 2 that detowered a little bit north and is causing those moderated winds that we are feeling right now. Forecast for our region is expecting this and some heavy rains across the island. Cool winds and cold rain drops, just that.
Stay tuned for more and excuse my English, Thx...

- "Bow Echo" Downs Small Branches and Shrubs
  • From: Gert van Dijken <gert AT vandijken.com>
  • Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 12:18:41 -0400 (EDT)
Source: http://www.drsol.info/ DRSol - 24 Hour Live Dominican Republic
News, Weather, Forums, and More!
By: Thomas Churchill

Sosu'a, Friday, July 22, 2004 - A narrow line of thundershowers moving
rapidly northward and out to sea caused some minor damage to branches,
small shrubs, and power lines in and around the Sosu'a area around
noontime yesterday. The burst of activity was associated with a strong
tropical wave passing by to the south of the island. A "bow-echo" refers
to a particular type of radar signature A bow shaped thundershower line
crossing out to sea over Sosua on Thursdayseen in severe storm squall
lines mainly across the plains of the United States and Canada in summer.
Evidence of this formation indicates the possibility of winds in excess of
100 miles per hour in those areas in downdrafts. The downdrafts are
powered by heavy, rain cooled, cold air collapsing out of a thunderstorm
line which then hits the ground and fans out in all directions pushing the
storms ahead fastest nearest the downdraft and slower at the edges
creating a unique circular bulge in the storm front. In the tropics not
enough cold air is available usually to produce the effect, so that when
it does happen it goes unnoticed as the force is much less. Yesterday's
event was quite evident for several hours on satellite photos, however.
The above image was taken around noontime. The bow echo is highlighted in
the inset by a series of white triangles. Strongest gusts at Xanadu Ranch
near Cabarete were only around 30 mph, but that is quite strong for the
area, winds above 30 mph are normally seen no more than two or three times
per year outside tropical storms. Due to the prevailing easterly trade
winds many trees and plants can take a great deal of force from that
direction but succumb more easily when gusts occur from a different
direction, such as from the due south as was the case yesterday.


- More and more bodies found
  • From: "Guillermo S." <gaquiles20 AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 10:45:39 -0400
Believe me that I wish not to report this, but what I am going to say next 
it is horrible...

Dead toll is now to 660 bodies in Jimaní, between Haiti and Dom. Rep., it 
sums 990 dead.

On April I spent couple of days of vacation with my family in "La 
Descubierta", like 20~30 kilometers away, I am not sure, in the same 
province, and one day we decide to go to the border to buy some stuff in the 
market seeking cheap prices that you can't find in the capital (Santo 
Domingo), and next we planned to go on a trip "around" the Enriquillo Lake, 
of course, in both occasions you have to go thru Jimaní. This is the reason 
why Jimani was totally flooded by the river...

The dried bank of the river is in a higher level of the whole town, you 
could cross the town in a couple of kilometers, i am not sure how much km 
have in wide.

What can you expect from that town in such situation, having a over flooded 
river to more of its bank? Disaster. That river was dried out for near or 
more a century, people had this false sensation of safety because they 
couldn't imagine that that situation could happen... well, it did.

Hurricane season hasn't started yet and here we have a situation like if a 
hurricane cat3 or more washed the whole area. Not to doubt it, Jimani will 
never be the same, the whole country cries for his lost children. This day 
was declared as "mourning day".

And about weather issue, the heat sensation is suffocating, due to the high 
level of humidity, near 90% (lasts days was around 95%). I had to let my AC 
for the whole afternoon (yesterday), even i slept with it on, which is weird 
due to the high consume which translate on a hard-attacking bill at the end 
of the month. LOL. Well, somehow you gotta live, don't you? Who can 
concentrate on studying with that diabolic heat sensation?

That's all for now, I did better with my English with a nice spanish-english 
dictionary, LOL.

Stay tuned

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- Update
  • From: "Omar Despradel" <o.despradel AT crcltd.com.do>
  • Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 06:39:02 -0400







- Rain
  • From: "Hermanas de la Caridad" <hnas.caridad AT codetel.net.do>
  • Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 18:37:49 -0300
In the Bani area, which is 65 kilometres southwest of the capital, we did have a lot of rain, especially on Sunday when it just poured all day, not stopping at all.  A few houses near the river came close to being flooded, but to my knowledge, no houses were lost.  The river itself became a raging torrent and because of all the silt coming down, we had no water for three days.  However, today it came back on.
    So, in the Bani area, no damage nor loss of life, thanks be to God.

- Update
  • From: antonio Ferrer
  • Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 18:03:35 -0400


Thanks for your message and your concern about what happened in our country.
As you know we had continuos rain before and during last weekend, and
finally a non stop rain since Saturday all through Sunday ending at about
ten PM that night.
>From what I have read and  seen on the news, the RIO BLANCO tragedy was tha\
part of the town of Jimany, located near the border with Haity was build in
the  dried bed of the river, the last time a situation like this happened
was in 1912, but people didn't live in the river bed at that time.
So far more than 250 corpses have been found with the inconvinience that
identifying them isvery hard since whole families have disappear.
The problem now is that a situation of this magnitude and so far away from
the main cities makes hard to organize the corpses rescue parties.
Most of these were rafted away by mud and water slides, perhaps buried
within the mud and debris.
Contamination due to the high number of people and animals is the main
concern of the authorities, especially due to the very hot climate of that
The people have been organizing donations in order to help those who lost
all their belongings and homes. The worst for those people will be when the
sensationalism of the moment passes by and everyone forgets about them
including the government.

Best Regards

A Ferrer

- Floodings
  • From: Dunhill Systems <info AT dunhill.ws>
  • Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 15:02:22 -0400
Hi all

 From the San Pedro de Macoris, Juan Dolio, Boca Chica areas in the
south of the Dominican Republic nothing really bad happend, except al
lot of water and small floodings.



DunHill Systems
Satellite Internet Systems
Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic
Phone (809) 437-8005

- Dominican Republic
  • From: "Joaquin Gonzalez" <jgonzalez AT swissport.com.do>
  • Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 14:58:28 -0400

Dear All:


Last weekend the Dominican Republic was under heavy rain but never expected the high level of damage occurred.  Jimaní,  an small town located far to 300 km southwest from Santo Domingo and close to the border with Haiti, was inundated when the small river “ Blanco” increased his level by the heavy rain.   The small town “Jimani” was totally destroy and more than 300 people died, including, men, women and children. There are over 500 disapear too.


The Dominican Red Cross and many government and civil institutions are collecting goods for the people injured, like: food, water, clothers, and other.


There are other locations with the same damage but with less loss of life because the people attend the warning sent by the local Civil  Defense.



Joaquin Gonzalez.



- Flooding in the Dominican Republic
  • From: Guillermo Vanderlinde <gevanderlinde AT yahoo.com>
  • Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 11:54:13 -0700 (PDT)
Report on flooding in the Dominican Republic

As everyone have seen in the news there is really a
tragedy in the community of Jimani near the border
with Haiti.
What Happens? There were warnings by the civil defense
to the people who live close to the river path but in
the specific case of Jimani they did no pay attention
because they did left all their belonging when
hurricane George and the river did not do any harm to
their shacks. But the level of precipitations now were
higher than then and the river did grow and all we
know what happens.
The levels of precipitations were very high in al the
island and the whole month of may it have been raining
every day and the earth is already fool of water so
every thin that falls runs.
Just about every low land in the island that is close
to rivers has been flooded.

Guillermo van der Linde

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- Weather in the DR
  • From: Dolores Vicioso <dolores AT dr1.com>
  • Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 13:48:33 -0400

Weather in the south of the country has cleared. Reports are of normal 
sunshine in Punta Cana, La Romana, Juan Dolio and Santo Domingo. Still 
cloudy in Puerto Plata and some rain expected.

For updates, see the DR1 Weather Forum at 

Dolores Vicioso

- death toll raises to 500
  • From: "quaqualita - Cabarete" <quaqualita AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 00:51:18 +0000
reuters reports now that 500 are killed in Floods in Haiti and Dominican 
Floods and mudslides have killed more than 500 people in the Dominican 
Republic and Haiti, many of them swept to their deaths when rain-swollen 
rivers burst their banks, authorities in the two neighboring Caribbean 
countries said on Tuesday.
Canadian troops and U.S. Marines were flying helicopters with water and 
relief supplies to the worst-hit part of Haiti, said a spokesman for a 
U.S.-led peacekeeping force.

for more info you can also check http://www.drsol.info


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- 153 deads... 7:16pm update (gmt -4:00)
  • From: "Guillermo S." <gaquiles20 AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 19:43:11 -0400
Casualties numbers was elevated to 153, because of inundations caused by 
Silié river, in Jimaní, province of Independencia.

Also still desapeared 239 people, 122 were found injured.

The scene over there is pityful and sad. Odor could be smelled in the area, 
as hundreds of people are borrowed under the ground, as bodies are in 
decomposition process...

I hope to amplify more the information but as you can see i have serious 
English limitations. so I also going to report in Spanish below...

El número de fatalidades ha sido elevado a 153, a causa de las inundaciones 
causadas por el río Silié, en Jimaní, provincia de Indepencia.

La escena es dantesca, y a la vez muy triste. Malos olores pueden ya 
sentirse en el área, cientos de personas podrían estar enterradas bajo la 
tierra y en proceso de descomposición.

El pueblo dominicano llora ante esta tragedia y hay planeadas mucha ayuda 
humanitaria para los afectados y todo el poblado de Jimaní y áreas 

El río arrasó con casas inclusive de concreto debido a la gran magnitud de 
la fuerza desencadenada por el rio.

Más noticias pronto... oremos porque no siga aumentando el número de 
victimas, aunque el numero de desaparecidos ya podria considerarse como 

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- bad news
  • From: "quaqualita - Cabarete" <quaqualita AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 04:19:34 +0000
until now, monday night: 83 Now Confirmed Dead, Hundreds Missing

The heavy rains recorded during the last the three days have left at least 
49 dead and hundreds of missing, most in the area around Jimaní, confirmed 
the Commission of Emergency Operations (COE).
The intense torrential rains also caused the death of two people in Villa 
Notch, and of one unidentified Haitian citizen, in the Duarte province. 
Meanwhile, the government continues a yellow alert for floding in the Yuna 
River basin and the coastal areas of the Maria Trinidad Sanchez province, as 
well as from the area between Altagracia and San Cristóbal.

for more info you can also check http://www.drsol.info


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- more rain on the way
  • From: "quaqualita - Cabarete" <quaqualita AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 16:53:47 +0000
The rains are expected to continue and even intensify over the next days.
The rain will also be accompanied by gusty winds and some embedded 
thunderstorms. This tropical waves are rather strong, deep, and organized, 
although no circulation is apparent and no development into a tropical storm 
is expected.

Official Alerts are in effect for residents in low areas along the banks of 
many major rivers and streams nationwide, the NCE has raised the alert level 
to yellow in the Northwest part of the nation. The rains have already led to 
evacuations, flooded main streets and highways across the country.
... and it's going to get worst in the next days :-(((

You can also check out the weather news reports and waether forum at 
www.drsol.info for more info and weather forcasts in the DR.


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- 4 deads, hundreds of incomunicated...
  • From: "Guillermo S." <gaquiles20 AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 08:19:10 -0400
Local news saids, also local forecasters says rain will continue for as long 
as 24 hours. 35 million pesos (780,000 USD) in loss on northeastern portion 
of the country in agriculture. Yellow warning is posted as more rain means 
more danger to ppl living at any water running source, such as rivers...

Right now, over Santo Domingo, full cloudy, no rain, light winds. Air 
traffic is normal, few delays because visibility issue, but nothing else. 
That's it for now, stay tuned.

PD: I need to practice more my English, i know, LOL.

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- Having a cup of tea...
  • From: "Guillermo S." <gaquiles20 AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Sun, 23 May 2004 17:22:16 -0400
When in heaven will this rain stop??

Hi, I'm back again to report for this new tropical season, which i have to 
suggest to set an earlier season starting date, because storms seems to be 
forming sooner each year, such as that weird extra tropical storm in Brazil 
couple of month ago. And now this tropical disturb crossing over our island. 
It's been raining since a few days ago, but definitly not like today, it's 
been raining since morning, last night too, well, all these days it's been 
raining, with some flash flood.

Stay tuned for more  ;)

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- Deep Tropical Wave to Affect Hispaniola This Weekend.
  • From: "quaqualita - Cabarete" <quaqualita AT hotmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 21 May 2004 01:18:34 +0000
2004 Season, Here We Go!
It appears the first in a series of very deep tropical waves will be 
affecting the Dominican Republic this weekend.
We are expecting lots of rain, especially Sunday, and Monday. With already 
saturated ground flooding could become a serious concern.

For more information, details and reports of locals you can also check 
weather thread in the forum of http://www.drsol.info or go directly to


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