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- RE: karl and jeanne
  • From: "Virginia DeSilva" <vdesilva AT bhs.bm>
  • Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2004 11:24:03 -0300
Bermuda Report for Thursday, Sept 23 2004:

High pressure near Bermuda is keeping us nice and dry and a little
cooler than normal.  Especially with all of the hurricanes out there
where we would expect hot and humid conditions.  Hurricane Jeanne is
just to the south and may be responsible for the swells I saw on the
South Shore this morning.  Our daily ( Ryal Gazette) reports waves
inside the reef at 1-3 feet while outside the reef they have been 8-12
feet the past few days.  Thank goodness for the reef area that surrounds
and protects us! My Geography students are tracking these movements on a
map and we are posting daily NOAA satellite images on a bulletin board.
Lots of great things for teachers to do this month! 

Hope Karl stays out in the uninhabited part of the Atlantic.  I can't
believe the return of Ivan over the Gulf of Mexico.

Spoke to Dominican friends in the Dominican Republic who live just south
of the eastern provincial capital of Higuey.  No power or links to many
places as many bridges have been damaged by rains and floods from
Hurricane Jeanne.  This includes the bridge over the dam on the River
Chavon (on the way to La Romana and the capital). Students in the
countryside can't get over to San Rafael del Yuma to attend school.
They were asking me where the other hurricanes are as they are not being
notified about what is going on.  I promised to call them again and
update them.  We got cut off three times in less than hour so I hope
their phones still work.  After Hurricane George ripped through there
iin 1998, it was a good 4 months before phones service was restored.
Another friend in Higuey, who volunteers with the civil defense was out
working when I called so it must be worse up there.  

Stay safe everyone.


- Update
  • From: "Greg Wojciechowski" <gwojo AT bsx.com>
  • Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2004 11:45:26 -0300
Good day,

It is overcast and breezy in Bermuda today, brisk winds from the North to
Northeast. We are very aware of Jeanne to our southwest and are watching her
closely and wondering what her next move will be.  It appears that this one
has not quite decided what it is she will do.  Meanwhile we watch very
closely and hope that she decides to push Karl out to sea!


- karl and jeanne
  • From: "Virginia DeSilva" <vdesilva AT bhs.bm>
  • Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2004 09:09:37 -0300
Title: Message
Monday, September 20, 2004
Rain is falling in Bermuda this morning but it is not related to Karl or Jeanne but a front moving off the east coast of N America.  We will be watching the two storms in our area.  Today's daily says that the two storms may be on a collision course but may just end up bouncing off of each other.  We hope so!  No storm related swells yet.
Schools and other organizations have been collecting funds for our neighbours to the south who have suffred losses from previous storms.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you. 
PS Had a fantastic time in Panama with the JASON Project back in January/February. 

- Southerly Swell
  • From: "Greg Wojciechowski" <gwojo AT bsx.com>
  • Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2004 13:03:47 -0300
As is the case when there is an active storm, Bermuda keeps a close watch on
its developments.  Although Hurricane Frances is over 700 nm to our
southwest, we are currently experiencing larger than usual ocean swells from
the south and strong rips.  There are high surf and rip warnings posted on
the South Shore so those going in the water must exercise caution.

As it's been nearly one year since Fabian visited our shores, we know
exactly what our friends to the south are going through and wish them and
the east coast of Fla the very best over the next few days.


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