Cities in Florida

Below I listed most of the cities along the coast of Florida and some inland cities. Following the coastline, starting in the Gulf Coast, going south, around the southern tip, and then back up north along the Atlantic Coast, starting with Miami. Let me know if I forgot your city of interest and I will add it. The latitude / longitude coordinates can be used in the Closest Point of Appraoch or Distance calculators where you see 'Or enter your Coordinates'. -Gert

(north to south)
Pensacola, FL 30.4N, 87.2W
Panama City, FL 30.2N, 85.7W
Tallahassee, FL  30.46N, 84.28W
Perry, FL 30.1N 83.6W
Gainesville, FL 29.7N, 82.3W
Inverness, FL 28.8N, 82.3W
Spring Hill, FL 28.5N, 82.6W
Tampa, FL 28.0N, 82.5W
St. Petersburg, FL 27.8N, 82.6W
Sarasota, FL 27.3N, 82.5W
Port Charlotte, FL 27.0N, 82.1W
Fort Myers, FL 26.6N, 81.9W
Cape Coral, FL 26.6N, 82.0W
Naples, FL 26.1N, 81.8W
Cape Sable, FL 25.3N, 81.0W
Key West, FL 24.6N, 81.7W
(south to north)
Miami, FL 25.8N, 80.2W
Hollywood, FL 26.0N 80.2W
Fort Lauderdale, FL 26.1N, 80.1W 
Boca Raton, FL 26.4N, 80.1W
Lake Worth, FL 26.6N, 80.1W
Mar-a-Lago Club 26.68N, 80.04W
West Palm Beach, FL 26.7N, 80.1W
Jupiter, FL 26.9N, 80.1W
Jensen Beach, FL 27.25N, 80.23W
Port St. Lucie, FL 27.3N, 80.4W
Fort Pierce, FL 27.4N, 80.3W
Vero Beach, FL 27.6N, 80.4N
Palm Bay, FL 28.0N, 80.7W
Melbourne, FL 28.1N, 80.6W
Cape Canaveral, FL 28.4N, 80.6W
Orlando, FL 28.5N, 81.4W
Titusville, FL 28.6N, 80.8W
Daytona Beach, FL 29.2N, 81.1W
Palm Coast, FL 29.6N, 81.2W
St. Augustine, FL 29.9N, 81.3W
Jacksonville, FL 30.3N, 81.7W